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  • Ivana Lea Gasparac


In an era dominated by digital interactions and technological advancements, the significance of effective communication cannot be overstated. Communication is essential to human interaction, facilitating the exchange of ideas, emotions, and knowledge. I attended the 10th annual Communication Days event - DK2024 held in Rovinj this past weekend. The event emerged as a vital platform for industry professionals, thought leaders, and enthusiasts to converge, deliberate, and innovate in the realm of communication. In this blog post I will be delving into the overall impact of the DK2024 event.

The DK2024 Festival serves as a melting pot of diverse perspectives, bringing together individuals from various backgrounds such as marketing, advertising, public relations, media, and technology. This event fosters an environment ripe for collaboration, networking, and exchanging ideas. Participants have the opportunity to engage with industry experts through keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, and interactive sessions. The interactions inspired attendees by stimulating critical thinking and innovation in the field of communication.

Exploring Emerging Trends

One of the main highlights of this event was its focus on exploring advancing trends and the most recent technologies that are shaping the communication landscape. From artificial intelligence and virtual reality to influencer marketing and data analytics, the event offers insights into the latest tools and strategies changing the way in which we connect and engage with audiences. People would generally think communication is easy since we do it all the time, but by being in this industry, attending panels, and listening to experts, I can safely conclude that effective communication is very complex. We do, in fact, have all the tools to be successful when communicating; we just need to properly practice how to use and nurture them.

It was inspiring to listen to the speakers and observe their ways of maintaining engagement with the audience. Some speakers that specifically stood out to me (other than our boss Ankica Mamić, of course) were Dan Ariely, who spoke about the possibility of achieving our goals once we truly accept ourselves; Marnick Vandebroek, who spoke in such a unique and energetic way, keeping the audience engaged throughout his whole speech; and Eugene Cheong, who was a little less energetic but spoke words of wisdom.

The only downside to this event is that there are so many amazing speakers, yet so little time!


Fostering creativity and inspiration

Creativity lies at the heart of effective communication, and the DK2024 Festival served as a catalyst for fostering creativity and inspiration among attendees. Besides the event being the ideal platform for showcasing innovative campaigns, projects, and initiatives, it was also an excellent networking opportunity, connecting us to new friends and reconnecting with old ones too. Being in such a laid-back environment, it was easier to form new friendships.

In addition to networking with others, spending time with colleagues from the office for the weekend bonded us even more, and now we are closer and better for it.

Our leader Ankica held a panel discussion about artificial intelligence in the field of public relations, and what I would highlight from the speech is that it is crucial for us to remain true to ourselves and embrace our creativity and individuality. AI can help us by stimulating new ideas, but it cannot replace human relationships and human connection; therefore, I think this is obvious just by being present at this event. The human mind is an intricate thing, and by learning to nurture it, we can achieve greatness.

Addressing Challenges

Lastly, the DK2024 Festival serves as a beacon of inspiration and enlightenment for communication professionals worldwide. As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of communication, events like these remind us of the transformative power of dialogue, understanding, and connection in shaping a better future for all.

This was my first time attending DK2024, and I am already looking forward to attending next year! Other than the incredible weather this weekend, I had a wonderful time meeting new people in a fun environment, listening to brilliant speakers reveal their experiences as well as secrets to success in the world of PR, and, of course, bonding with my co-workers!

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