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27 May 2015

By creating and implementing communication strategies along with continuous consulting in the field of public relations, we support our clients in achieving their goals with a significant and measurable impact on their business results. For each client we create specific and customized communication strategy and we determine further steps and activities accordingly. We advise clients in media relations and also provide support in establishing and managing relationships with their customers, employees, shareholders, clients, media, institutions, government bodies and other key publics for public positioning.

Corporate communication is very complex and includes management communication, marketing communication and organizational communication. Corporate communication is responsible for all corporation related communication relationships as well as for establishment of corporate identity and its image that influences corporation’s reputation. Corporation’s reputation is essential for its business success. In order to be successful in managing corporate communications it is of utmost importance to coordinate communication with all target publics. IM&C agency provides advisory service and also operationally helps in managing corporate communications.

Through communicating with media we communicate with all client’s publics and create an image of the company and its employees. Good media relations are important for the company’s reputation at all levels and therefore the manner in which company communicates is of utmost importance. Depending on the message that client wants to communicate to the public and specified communication objectives, adequate communication tools have to be selected.
IM& supports its clients by creating media announcements, invitations, responses to the media, denials and reports, as well as coordinating its overall media relations.

High-quality and comprehensive analysis makes future planning easier and enables the exact calculation of return on investment in managing public relations. Right information at the right time nowadays is priceless. Results of detailed analysis represent great starting points for further performance. IM&C provides quality and quantity media and content analyses and, depending on client’s requests, delivers them in appropriate reports.

Communicating financial information is very sensitive and specific and expert advice is of great importance in reaching target publics. By well-timed communication with target publics company achieves their understanding and through their acceptance of the message gets their trust. Company’s reputation depends not only on the existence of the business strategy but also on proper communication of that strategy to target publics. Communicating current position and future strategy reflects positively on the financial position of the company and thus on its overall reputation. IM&C creates customized communication strategies and advises its clients in mergers and acquisitions and preparation and publication of public tenders.

We advise clients how to overcome crisis situations that may arise due to mergers and acquisitions, layoffs, accidents and other potential crisis situations. Reputation of the company that has been built by hard and persistent work and devotion can be shattered in just one misled crisis.
Using special tools and methods, as well as acquired knowledge and experience, we can predict and manage crisis situations and timely recognize situations that may affect the client’s goals. IM&C advises and assists its clients through all stages of crisis in order to minimize the negative consequences to the company’s reputation.

 Globalization of products and services creates wide choice for consumers. Quality brand PR management allows your product or service to stand out from other products and services and quality and strategic approach to brand PR directly affects sales revenue. IM&C experts regularly create and implement communication concepts for brand PR customized for each client’s needs

Company changes can be specially challenging and delicate, and that is why specific methods and tools to predict and timely recognize situations that may threaten the organization’s goals are of vital importance. IM&C advises and assists clients to ensure that potential crises are less frequent, shorter and without consequences.

Thorough planning and organization as well as getting attention from public and media attendance are crucial for the event’s success. IM&C team creates and organizes important events for clients, whether they are media conferences, large professional conferences, concerts, anniversaries or celebrations.

IM&C manages communication with target groups on social networks. Our services include managing profiles on social networks, daily placement of relevant content, animating users and answering all customer questions. First of all, we prepare the strategy for social networks in which we define the goals of the organization. We also continuously create new content proposals according to defined strategy.

For projects funded by the EU visibility of the project is of utmost importance. For each such project IM&C creates elaborate communications strategy and conducts strategically placed communication activities. “Visibility” is a crucial part of any European project and with its advice IM&C ensures getting extra points when applying for EU funding.

Communicating desired message to target publics depends greatly on the communicator and his/hers appearance. Media training is essential for everyone who communicates with media on a daily basis, it also enhances self-confidence and self-awareness, which ultimately results in excellent presentation and communication skills, personal satisfaction and irreplaceable advantages of personal positioning in the professional and general public. Our team consists of top journalists, PR specialists and other experts that have years of experience in media relations. With comprehensive approach and by joint work of PR professionals and journalists we provide an understanding of the process of news production and messages transmission. IM&C media training is divided into theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part provides introduction about the importance and secrets of quality public appearances and describes the theory of specific practices. The practical part consists of interview simulation for written and electronic media and filming an interview before and during training to get insights on starting points and to make necessary corrections and enhancements during the training. IM&C media training is customized for each individual, because this is the only way you can achieve excellent results and that is what you can always expect form IM&C.

Accession to European Union created additional challenges for all economic subjects in Croatia. Trade barriers with other Member States no longer exist and foreign economic entities that were not present before in the Croatian market are present now. Simultaneously Croatian companies can enter new markets. IM&C EURO PR includes managing full scale public relations as well as providing all IM&C’s services. IM&C in cooperation with partner agencies in other countries provides support and advice for performing business on the EU market or with entities in the EU market. IM&C approaches enthusiastically the creation of the best communication offer that fits specific client’s needs and supports client’s business goals. Quality network of recognized experts – IM&C’s business partners in Croatia and in  the EU zone – will surely contribute to achieving clients’ goals it the EU market.

WOM concept is an integral part of the strategy that IM&C agency creates for its clients.
IM&C is a member of International Organization WOMMA (Word of Mouth Marketing Assocation) since 2007. IM&C continuously enhances its business by cooperating with WOMA members and exchanging experiences and knowledge. WOM includes traditional marketing and PR techniques and further enriches and expands them by putting emphasis on two-way communication and feedback acceptance that directly affect the enhancement of credibility and quality of communication. This includes selection of “influentials” or advocators that are associated with a specific service or product, which are given to them for use and learning. Customized questionnaires track impressions of each individual advocate, as they, as true believers in a company, product or service, spread word of mouth recommendations about them.  Since nowadays more and more communication takes place on the  Internet, IM&C’s communications mix includes daily online activities, including the web community forums and blogs, and other Internet communicating methods.